Island Debugger refuses to show debug information

Elements Build .2487 (latest build), was previously working with .2485.

I have an Island/Windows project, mixing C# and Oxygene, and when debugging, I am having this weird messages:
“Unsupported Language: Hydrogene”
“Unsupported Language: Oxygene”

Any heads up? @mh @ck
Note - the previous Element Build 2485 does NOT have this issue.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83977

bugs://83977 got closed with status fixed.

This doesn’t seem to get fixed completely, with Element latest release 2489?

It is good that “Unsupported Language: Oxygene” NO LONGER pops up … butttttt I still got the message “Unsupported Language: Hydrogene”.

Test Project Here

bugs://83977 got reopened.

bugs://83977 got closed with status fixed.