Island Import projects for IOS

I switched a ios application to use Island, it has a number of import projects. When it compiles I get

E: Project Reference ‘MaterialComponents’ has no matching target (Island Darwin iOS).

I went into the import projects and switched the mode to island but I cant select an ios submode because its no listed.

Is that the right thing to do with that error ?


Hmm. The error is correct, of course, if the SDK isn’t set. But you should be able to set both the the submode (Darwin) and the Target SDK (iOS), for the import projects

It just says unexpected value

Curious, what values does it offer in the dropdown?

Can you send me the exact project (just the .elements is fine)?

It doesnt appear to offer anything

PureLayout.elements (957 Bytes)


if you ignore that it shows in settings, does the import work, with the SDK set?

Strange, if I close and reopen Fire I get the proper dropdown

It looks like I need to reopen Fire after setting submode to Darwin

Hm, yeah, the list doesn’t seem, to change once set. weird. Odd, since this isn’t cached, so at the very least switching views should update it. I’ll investigate & fix.

It seems to be just the older import projects. I have them all here

and the aeris ones which are newer dont give me that issue.

I have 2 import projects one references another. I get this error

Project Reference ‘MaterialComponents’ has no matching target (Island Darwin iOS).

I think I converted it to island, what does this error mean ?

It would mean they aren’t both set to the same mode/submode/sdk. (if they are, then this could be a bug, and I’d appreciate iff you could send me a simple testcase).

If you open importsolution.sln and build, then you should get

E: Project Reference ‘MaterialComponents’ has no matching target (Island Darwin iOS).
D: | Toffee-iOS: Toffee iOS iOS

Checking now. Oddly the reference from MaterialComponents to MDFTExtAccessibility works fine…

Boy… this is taking a long time to build/import :wink:

While still a big, im guessing this might be trowing it off:

  <Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\RemObjects Software\Elements\RemObjects.Elements.Toffee.targets" />

But that said, MDFTextAccessibility has the same…

MDFTextAccessibility is the only one that has implict island and gc references, is it meant to do that ?

Yes, but its odd that the other one doesn’t.

Anyways, any chance you can reproduce this with a smaller import project that does not literally melt my laptop when importing?

Update nevermkind, just removed the actual .fraemwork and it repros quickly now ;). investigating.

Know what the project is. the first to projects both are Toffee, because of the Toffee.targets, which “wins” over the manual Mode, when no multi-targets are defined. Thats why that project ref works, too. The third project is proper Island, thats why it cant reference the toffee projects:

I’ll (probably) fix, but workaound is to fix the Import to not use the Toffee.targets, when you want an Island project.

Yes. Some of my projects have Elements and a few have toffee. I can stick with elements.targets in both cases ?