Island.Shared github project - Water doesnt show Definitions

Maybe I am doing smth wrong/I dont see something obvious, I dont remove that option from the possibilities, but until I see that, there may be an issue with Water (current -2587 build) that it doesnt show any context defintions (on the very right-hand-side of the screen) , like this:

When i click on the “Path.GetFileName(…)” I expect a right-side (in grey" definition of that method but it doesnt show, and I checked for like 15 files, it sadly doesnt do it anywhere, BUT: I am fully aware that it works perfectly fine, when you create a normal, lets say ConsoleApp, and write some functions, u click on, and you see everything you need to see about that member or whatever it is, so hence my small disclaimer at the top of this post, what can I miss-do here in order for it not to work properly?

Andy ideas?

Ok I fixed that by just removing every other platforms Island-Project (Island.Windows.elements, Island.Linux.elements etc…) now he shows that as expected, but still curious why he couldnt show it b4, what have the other projects to do with it?

In a multi-target project or a project shared between multiple platforms, Code Smarts only work if you see;ect a “work in” project for the file. Right-click the file in the tree, or press Ctrl+Shift+P (or just invoke Code Completion or any other IDE smarts for the first time, and it will ask you about it.

See Shared Projects for more details.

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