Island Test/EUnit Project failed at start up

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Previously working EUnit project, not failed with “TerminateProcessOnMemoryExhaustion”, at program startup.

Any thoughts?

Curious. nothing has changed in EUnit in months. Does this show for you with any Eunit test project or just a specific one? Which platform(s)? Could it be that this is legit — ie one of the tests actually does run out of memory?

Any chance we could see a test case for this?

Hi Marc

It is Island Windows VS 2019. I don’t have any other EUnit test project — just this one for TensorFlow. I didn’t make any changes to the project or anything, just upgraded Elements to the latest yesterday.

The same problem happened when running from VS 2019 IDE as well as running the exe independently

It seems the test project complains out of memory before entering any test case.

Let me prepare the case for you to replicate


I can’t reproduce this here with Island/Mac; i can test Island/Windows later when I have met VM booted; in the mean time, I’d appreciate of you could see if tis reproduces for you in a new Island/Windows test app with just a couple simple tests, eg

namespace TestApplication;


  TestClass = public class(Test)

    method FirstTest;

    method SecondTest;



if yes., good (chances are I’ll be a able to repro it here too); if not, we’ll probably need your exact testcase…

Hi Marc,

Yes - it is reproducible. See attached.

Thank you.
Wuping (2.2 KB)

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Thanks, logged as bugs://85607

Oddly I’m gertting

An exception occurred in ConsoleApplication, thread 115C

Type: RemObjects.Elements.System.ArgumentException


Unknown type for o [7D290CE8BCB2C68D] Test suite (0 tests) Kind: Suite

Call Stack:

00007FF78D5B4D90 ElementsRaiseException ConsoleApplication.exe (linq.pas, line 205)
00007FF78D5CE6DE Convert.ToInt32 ConsoleApplication.exe (array.pas, line 0)
00007FF78D5BF04C Integer.CompareTo ConsoleApplication.exe (tests.pas, line 5)
00007FF78D6BFB74 $u6 ConsoleApplication.exe

with your project. which is still a (weird) bug, but not the same as you have. Also with latest 2605.

Actually if you click continue, you will see subsequently the original exception(ie memory exhaustion).

Can’t say I do.

~> Process ConsoleApplication started.
!> Exception of type RemObjects.Elements.System.ArgumentException on thread 1428
!> Message: Unknown type for o [7D290CE8BCB2C68D] Test suite (0 tests) Kind: Suite
!> Fatal exception of type RemObjects.Elements.System.ArgumentException on thread 1428
!> Message: Unknown type for o [7D290CE8BCB2C68D] Test suite (0 tests) Kind: Suite
~> Process ConsoleApplication terminated with exit code -532510695. Ran for 7.562

If I clicked “Continue” of the first error dialog, then the second one pops up, showing “TerminateProcessOnMemoryExaustion”.

I believe you, but it doesn’t, here for me ;). In any case, both exceptions are out of my wheelhouse so I’ve logged and passed this on to the team; I’m sure we’ll sort it out this coming week.

I reverted to version and everything works.

Does this still happen for you? When I now build your project I get;

~> Process ConsoleApplication started.
ConsoleApplication.TestClass started
  FirstTest finished. State: Succeeded.
  SecondTest finished. State: Succeeded.
ConsoleApplication.TestClass finished. State: Succeeded.
2 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped, 0 untested
~> Process ConsoleApplication terminated with exit code 0. Ran for 1.424

Everything works now with the latest build.

Many thanks for the support!


Happy to hear!

bugs://85607 got closed with status fixed.