Island-Windows: break point canot be hit with guidOf()

This issue happens, BOTH on WATER, and VS2017.

As illustrated in the following figure, break point are set consecutively from Line 12 to Line 19.
However, in debugging mode (F10), only Line 12, 14, 16, and 18 are capable of being hit. 13, 15, 17 are just by-pased.

I double checked - this behavior happens on VS2017 too. It happens not only with IUnknown, it happens with any IUnknown-derived interface.

Did I miss something here?

Thanks, logged as bugs://82779

I’m getting this (Island, Windows, i386, vs)

same in Water. What am I missing? (btw code is easier than an image :slight_smile: )

That is strange. I am still having this problem. Attached is the test project, and kindly check if you could reproduce the issue.

Test.7z (357.3 KB)

What build are you using? Latest beta?

Seems fine here. (I’m using todays build, but there’s nothing in the debugger that changed recently)

I am using beta from yesterday. Let me check with the latest Beta

Today’s beta isn’t out yet :slight_smile: sorry; that will be later today.

The problem still exists. Actually, in the test project, set consecutive break points, and click “Step Over” ONLY. Don’t click “Run” , just click “Step Over” consecutively, and you will see that break points are not hit consecutively as I said.

Thanks; I’ll try those steps.

bugs://82779 got closed with status fixed.