Island/Windows/Visual Studio won't compile, Element Version 2609

The version 2609 seems broken for Visual Studio 2019 - it won’t compile Island project (that used to have no problem with earlier Element versions).

The error message complains some MSBuild issue.

And I have to reverted to version 2595

Any chance of something more concrete?

Yes - the same EUnit project (that has been reported for replicating this runtime bug, but now has a different compile-time problem)

Note - This compile time problem happens with BOTH Visual Studio 2019, AND Water. (2.2 KB)

That seems impossible, since Water doesn’t even use MSBuild.

Can you post the full (Detailed) build log?

FWIW, the attached project builds fine and without errors for me, here.

Here is the error log for Water (on Windows).

water-error-log-element-2609.txt (12.7 KB)

Can you set the build log verbosity to the highest setting and do a clean/rebuild again? I’m afraid there’s literally nothing actionable ion this version of the log :frowning:


How about this one?
build-log-2609.txt (19.7 KB)

That’s better; it looks like the ,linker crashes, which might explain why it doesn’t show for me as it may be Windows-specific. The linker is a new version in 2609…

Thanks, logged as bugs://85694

bugs://85694 got closed with status fixed.

2611 still having problem - the test project can be compiled, but won’t run (Windows, both Water and VS2019), raising the following errors:

An exception occurred in ConsoleApplication, thread 09C0

Type: RemObjects.Elements.System.ArgumentException


Unknown type for o [7D290CE8BCB2C68D] Test suite (0 tests) Kind: Suite

Call Stack:

00007FF6684A4D70 ElementsRaiseException ConsoleApplication.exe (linq.pas, line 205)
00007FF6684BE01E Convert.ToInt32 ConsoleApplication.exe (array.pas, line 0)
00007FF6684AEBDC Integer.CompareTo ConsoleApplication.exe (tests.pas, line 5)
00007FF6685AEAA4 $u6 ConsoleApplication.exe

Thanks, logged as bugs://85722

That sounds like a new/unrelated bug; logged. exact same testcase as before?

Yes. Exactly the SAME test case as before.

I feel this might be something related to the mixed source code (C# and Oxygene).

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Doubtful; that distinction gets lost at a very high level in the compiler.

Would it be possible to get it fixed soon? I really need to move forward with the TensorFlow.Island project.

I’ve logged it as “unbreak now” priority, so hopefully Carlo can have a look first thing Monday.

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bugs://85722 got closed with status fixed.

I think my fix from yesterday fixed this. Can you retry @wuping?

Doesn’t seem to work? I downloaded the latest from FireHose (Based on commit [c57a5b0]) - it seems still not working

You might want to test using this test project? (2.2 KB)