Island/Windows, VS2019 Debugger problem?

32 bit: StepInto doesn’t work as expected; StepOver works fine
64 bit: StepInto jumping back and forth, then stuck; StepOver after hitting the break point, directly exit

Bugs? I am using

Thanks, logged as bugs://83667

Has someone at RemObjects team looked into this issue? The debugger (x64 Windows Island) definitely is not working right. It is almost un-usable and very frustrating.

Yes my colleague is looking into it. I know she made progress yesterday, but I don’t know if it’s “done” before todays build.

Elena’s found the problem, it seems it’s something with the debug info in libElements. We’ll have a new build for you later today that has a workaround (proper fix will be in the new year), until than, a second workaround option would be, if you can do without it, not use Elements RTL in your project until you have the fix.


Thank you marc, and thank you RemObject team for the support! Really appreciate that.
I can wait till after the new year fix is ready…

P.S. The boilerplate ConsoleApplication project has a reference to Element RTL. That explains Elena’s finding.

However, it is a bit strange to me since I don’t use Element RTL in my TensorFlow sample projects, but it as well has the same debugger issue (i.e, no break points are hit). You might want to use this sample project for further testing?

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Hmm, I check the template. None of them should include Elements RTL by default, but there’s an option in the Fire and Water new project dialogs to add it.

Hi Marc - you are correct. There is an option in new project dialogs to add it. Somehow, that option is “remembered” when creating a new project from the Water welcome page’s button “Start a New Project”. In order words, if that option is selected once, the next time it will be automatically applied when creating a new project using “Start a New Project” button - that was my case.

Correct, that is the as-designed behavior. :wink:


Update: I downloaded the latest Build 2467

The debugger improves a lot. But there is still problem when inside the finally block.
In the figure, line 19~24 are inside a finally block, but the debugger only hit line 24, i.e., it skips 19~23 mysteriously. Use the attached test project to replicate.

ConsoleApplication1.7z (5.0 KB)

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@elenap, are these known issues?

Thanks, logged as bugs://83717

bugs://83717 got closed with status fixed.

bugs://83667 got closed with status fixed.

@ck @mh

Thank you - but there is still issue with the latest build. If inside the “finally” block there is a function, then “Step” will not hit that function (see snapshot below). Use the attached project to replicate:

ConsoleApplication1.7z (5.0 KB)

Thanks, logged as bugs://83741

Thanx. these are all separate issues, ftr.

bugs://83741 got closed with status fixed.