Java in a Sandbox

Hello Community,
i might need some wisdom for an idea i have regarding delphi host java plugin communication.
Other products we distribute using tomcat with a jre-sandbox, means we can use java 1.8 for our tomcat and java services without the requirement of reading the envirement… Can i setup such way through hydra? Would be Awesome!

Edit: uHYJavaVM.THYJavaVM.Create access through GetJavaRuntimePath(‘JAVA_HOME’). I would love if there would be a statement like:

constructor THYJavaVM.Create(bridgeJarFilename: String; additionalOptions: array of String);
runtimePath: String;
runtimePath := GetJavaRuntimePath(‘HYDRA_JAVA_HOME’);
if(Trim(runtimePath) = ‘’) then
runtimePath := GetJavaRuntimePath(‘JAVA_HOME’);

if runtimePath = ‘’ then raise EJvmException.Create(‘Cannot find Java installation path’);
InitializeJavaVM(runtimePath, bridgeJarFilename, additionalOptions);

this would allow to setup alternative JRE Versions regardless what official version users have been installed.

you can launch your application with batch file (.cmd) like

set tempjavahome=%JAVA_HOME%
set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8
start my_hydra_app.exe
set JAVA_HOME=%tempjavahome%

Thanks for idea. I’ll log issues for adding HYDRA_JAVA_HOME variables.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83987

Thanks, logged as bugs://83988

thank you for your reply. One more Sidenode : Import Interfaces from java-module would require the same feature. thats not something i would know how to fix from my side.

bugs://83988 got closed with status fixed.

bugs://83987 got closed with status fixed.

I wanted to try out and test the last beta. Seems like the addin in Radstudio still does not take HYDRA_JAVA_HOME as path yet.

So the most urgent part of this task is still required and open.

what version of Hydra you are using?
the latest preview - v6.2.101.1243 ?

RemObjects Hydra -

try to set HYDRA_JAVA_HOME as a local user or global system variable.
.NET wizard may not see a variable declared in Delphi IDE.

Good Morning Evgeny,

My issues on this side… It seems i setup the wrong path. Now it finds JVM properly but i seem to have another issue.

But i guess i did something fatal on eclipse side (still analyzing). Worthy making a new thread?


yes , new thread will be better for new issue