Licenses to expire are blocking to open its own projects now?

my license expired on 06/21 and today I can no longer open any project on any of my machines!
is that new?

also, an update was released on 06/18 and therefore still under my license and cannot download it!

this problem seems very particular to me.

Norbert, look at License / Pricing Question - Elements - RemObjects Talk

Hello Patrick,

I don’t want to install a new update but simply open my projects which is not possible today.

and I’m not trying to get the update released during my license.

being under license for years I did not always renew this one and never had a problem with my projects with VS.

Look at what Marc says:
An active license is required to get new updates, and to use the IDEs.

They have changed their license agreement some times ago.

uh, is that a joke?

As I don’t work for RemObjects, I’ll let Marc answer…

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An active license is required to get new updates, and to use the IDEs. The command line compiler will remain active, so you can rebuild your projects indefinitely, should you decide not to renew.

this has been the case ever since Elements went from major versions to the continuous delivery model with Elements 10 back in 2017.


no Marc,

I bought a license of a Pascal-type language in Visual studio at “component source” in 2014 and it is this license that we have since renewed by agreeing to be delivered of various other languages ​​that are useless to me.

I have never accepted any modification of license and certainly would not have continued to develop a whole bunch of different projects since 2017 knowing that I am only allowed to use the sources written in visual studio online from command which makes all of my work for years unusable, I’m not very smart but not that much.

For your information, I was unlicensed between 2019 and 2020 while continuing to work on my sources without a problem.

it is a serious fault of a subcontractor blocking his client in a vexatious way.

I will understand that water does not launch any more and still I am not sure that it is legal either.

Another serious fault, the last license expired on 06/21/2021 and an update was released on 06/18/2021 and was not delivered to me either.

I would prefer to work in “pascal mode” with your products but if my license of 2014 is not respected I can only rewrite the sources in a language more focused on the user, I’ve been an ambassador in the background for years, I’m going to have to consider deconstructing it.

My apologies if ComponentSource have not communicated this change, but is has been the model we have bene under since 2017. November, 2017, to be precise, with the first release of Elements 10. Elements 9 and earlier continue to work under the perpetual license model.

I’m not sure why that would have happened, but that must have been a bug. As I mentioned, this change goes back to 2017.

Define not delivered? This update would have bene available to you for download on June 18th, when tour license was still active; had you downloaded it, it would have stopped working ion the 21st, just as the earlier version you have installed now.

FWIW, tis is the same (if less strict) model adopted my most big and modern software vendors theres days, including most notably Microsoft Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud.

Elements 9 and earlier continue to work under the perpetual license model, so that would apply to any license form 2014.

My apologies for the trouble.

we definitely have a big problem there.

do not confuse 365 and the like which are service rentals between date and an annual update license with support.
when I rent servers on various nodes I know that if I don’t pay my rental I will be annoyed but it has absolutely nothing to do with a license to update a product using VS which is constantly evolving.

If I understand correctly, my English is that of google, you told me that I had to download the 18th and that the 21st is too late ??? er I pay until the 21st for any update and if you would be consistent you understand that I have the right to waste my time on the command line with the update of the 18th included!

I developed projects for six years with rem objects but it must have been a bug since 2017!

in any case, I must inform my colleagues and project manager that I have advised with your product, which is probably at risk without knowing it either since 2017!

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There’s no confusion here. Both Elements and the other products I quoted use the same/similar license mode.

Well, yes and no. You need an active license use the product.

Since there’s no point in letting people download a product they cannot use, our website also disables the download, when the license expires. I could change that, but the download would be useless…

It’s the same with Office 365 or Photoshop. If your license expires next month and you don’t renew, your copy pf Photoshop will no longer start. (and, I assume, Adobe also won’t let you download a copy from your account portal anymore — but that’s really an academic point).

Once again my apologies if this was not made clear enough for you.

it is also stated at the very top of the downloads page (emphasis added):

Elements 11

Each week (with few exceptions for holidays or other team availability), we will ship a new build that will start out in the “Experimental” or “Preview” channel.

These builds will include bug-fixes and new features – some of them half-done, some of them, sometimes, broken. All builds should be usable for production use, but builds that are deemed particularly solid will be elevated to the “Stable” channel after a few weeks of user feedback.

An active Elements subscription is required to use Elements 10 or later builds from any channel.

Please send me a personal message or email to mh@, and I’ll see if we can work out something different that will work for you.

I personally think the “continuous-subscription”-based-model (compiler as a service) sucks for developer tools.

Comparing to MS Office 365 or Adobe, is really not a fair (and relevant) comparison.

A more relevant comparison would be to compare to another commercial (paid) compiler toolchain, such as Intel C++/FORTRAN compilers.

This “continuous subscription” model may generate more revenues for RemObjects (due to its locked-in nature), and they need revenues to grow and improve.

I guess I can live with it though I don’t like it — especially the feeling of being locked-in is not a good one.


While, I am happy with your WASM development tool & for now plan to continue to renew, this restriction differs from other tools & subscriptions I use regularly. I formally request & recommend RemObjects change its license model for it is very worrisome & I’m sure my Venture Partners won’t like this either.

I completely agree that this new licensing model is a horrible business practice and one of the main reasons I do not use Office 365 or Adobe products. I have no interest in renting IDEs, compilers, or libraries used to build and maintain software.

I have an old version of Oxygene that I use to support a legacy product for one of my customers and am glad it was under the perpetual license model as I am not developing new products with Oxygene (or Elements) but still need to occasionally use it to recompile the code. I would hate to pay a yearly fee just so I could possibly maintain that one project (although, like you said, the command-line compiler could still be used, it would be annoying).

One question: does this new licensing model extend to libraries or is it just for the Elements products? I’m looking at the downloads page for Hydra and do not see a mention of the license like there is on the Elements download page.

David, Texas, Wuping. Norbert,

thanx a lot our feedback; it is appreciated and I understand where you are coming from. We’re looking into options to for the future to fund a common ground and make it more feasible to maintain old projects without a renewed license. I have a few ideas here (but nothing to announce at this stage).

I also want to add that, in addition to the issue of simply not wanting to renew, a related concern people might have is that of continuing to use the products if we should ever discontinue any of them or (god forbid) stop operations, and I want t assure you that we have provisions in place for that case to ensure perpetual use licenses for all active users, should that ever happen (not that we we have any plans to discontinue any of our current products, nor plans to or worries about going out of business ;).



Marc, thanks for some comfort cuz we need it to be as easy as possible to maintain old projects to avoid screwing customers who depend on us, even if we move on to a different technology.

In my case, WASM & RemObjects were the Godsend I’ve been waiting for since Java Applets years ago. In the interim I used ISAPI Windows Server modules (complied), which is the fastest computing you can do to reliably serve on-line clients. Every keystroke went from browser to Server for processing & back for the browser to display the result. People don’t like to hit a key & wait & they didn’t. It was like local computing. It worked fine, but the programming was more complex than Java or RemObjects and it required a dedicated Windows Server as Delphi, my developer tool, built Windows ISAPI modules & ISAPI mods require root access.

With Java Applets & RemObjects WASM the server is really a file server & I can use shared servers & Linux OS (or any OS) & need not pay MS, which BTW, quit supporting my WinServer Version & my Server Host required me to upgrade to a supported WinServer at extra cost & my time.

While I’ve been working on one large project expected to be delivered in a few months, I see constant expansion of it & more opportunities in the future. For tech (math/engineering) type work letting multiple Clients do the work for themselves while the server just sends them files is far better than the server doing all the work for all the clients while they wait loafing. Multiple computers doing the work is better than the server doing it all. HTML/CSS/JS are for the dynamic publishing industry, not tech stuff.

So, Marc, take care of your customers as we are dedicated to ours and thanks for letting us know you are thinking of plans to do so.



Marc - this is good news, and much appreciated. I’ve held off on converting any existing projects to Mercury (other than experiments) because of my fear that at some point it wouldn’t make sense for me to renew, but I wouldn’t have any choice. That means I’ve been focusing my efforts with Mercury on new projects only for platforms that aren’t supported any other way. (And since I don’t have any new projects on the immediate horizon for my customers, that means I’m just experimenting.) In the long term, I’m much more likely to stick with Mercury if I’ve moved my current long term applications to it, and I’m more likely to do that if I feel less “locked-in” by the attempt.


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It seems the Hydra, RemoteSDK and DataAbstract do not use this “continuous subscription” model - which is understandable given all these provide source codes (Delphi at least) and are dependent on non-element compilers (Delphi or .NET compilers)