Looking for an workaround for set of 0..255

Ok, thank you!


Hi, good morning!

About the preview release, I can see the option but can’t do the download.

May you help?

Thank you.


That is strange, given that it shows your license as active. Can you give me the login name for your account (here out via private message) so that I can check what is going on? thanx! IIRC I fixed a similar issue a few weeks back, but maybe your scenario is slightly different…

No wait, that was you. Did my my fix work for you last time? IIRC you said you were able to download the preview then. are you doing anything different, this time? (different account, e.g.)?

Reproduced; investigating.

Fixed; my apologies for this. I looks like my fix for last time only applied for the main user; there was a separate but related issue for sub-users accessing the set license form their part user.

thanx for letting me know!

Now It`s correct.

I Will test the issues

Thank you.

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We`ve tested with the new Build and the problem was fixed. Both projects (main and test case)

Thank you.


glad to hear!