Mac InterfaceBuilder integration

If I create a mac app and select edit in xcode In Fire, xcode is opened but the designer files classes.* are empty.

The project builds. (1.4 MB)


I think it might be because I changed it to Island. I created another mac app using Toffee, added a NSButton and that worked fine.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://85357

Definitely a bug — this should work the same for both.

Should the “Use Toffee v1” setting be exposed in Mac Apps ?

in all projects with mode set of Toffee, yes. The way it works, is it half-upgrades a Toffee project/target to Island; you can’t half-downgrade an Island project to Toffee(V2) :slight_smile:


                    <string>Use Toffee V1</string>
                        <string>Platform ==[cd] 'Toffee'</string>

In the example I posted at the top its not visible.

Yes, coz that’s already an Island project, not a Toffee one:

  <Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\RemObjects Software\Elements\RemObjects.Elements.Island.Darwin.targets" />