Major licensing issue, need urgent help


I’ve just received an error message when trying to access the schema modeler, saying a new version of DA has been installed and my licence is no longer valid.

It transpires that our subscription is expiring today. I’ve received no reminders about this but we will be renewing it as soon as possible.

That aside, our existing version of DA should continue to work!

We’re using and, despite the error message, have not recently upgraded at all.
Going to the “older versions” download page shows a message of “Renew now to get access to this build” against every single version, going all the way back to 9.4

Something is clearly wrong here. Whilst we will be renewing as soon as I can sort it out and I understand we won’t have access to future releases until we do, we have suddenly lost access to everything which has stopped us in our tracks.

Please advise.


I apologize for the inconvenience; id appreciate of you could send me a personal mail to so we can sort this out quickly and I can send you a temporary extension until your renewal is through.

FWIW, I see three renewal reminder emails having been sent over the last month, the first on June 26 and last one on July 19th (and the next one will probably go out today), can you check your spam folder or email black list, and maybe add to the white-list to make sure you receive emails from us, in the future?

thanx, and once again my apologies for the troubles.