Make templates compatible with cases sensitive files systems

Templates have files with case different as defined in the project, sample:


For that reason in case sensitive file systems fails.

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You reported this before, but never responded to my follow-ups. I cannot reproduce this. which template is this? the case matches for me.

All templates I look have the same problem.

Are you creating new projects on Case sensitive file system?

Got it. fixed.

No, but even on non-case-sensitive system I should see the mismatched case, but I didn’t back when I looked at this the last time.

IMHO in a non case sensitive file system Fire IDE will don’t complain about i.e Resources.Designer.pas reference on file name Resources.designer.pas :thinking:

right. but that doesn’t mean I cannot LOOK at what’s on disk, and what case it has. I did that (back then) and the case DID match just fine. Of course this was a while ago, so I cannot be sure which templates I tested with. I did find that a few WERE wrong, and those should be fixed now, for today’s build.