Many instances of Elements compiler

Is it possible on Windows to have two different versions of Elements installed and decide which one to use for oxygen project compilation (via msbuild)? We would like to install two versions (stable and new) the same way as Visual Studio (2017,2019) coexists on a developer machine and test both compilations. Compilation and testing are executed via msbuild commands on git branches. This feature would allow us to track problems with the new version of the compiler and skip virtual machine preparation that sometimes don’t have access to other resources.

Thanks for any suggestions,


and no. MSBuild will always use the one version thats registered/installed.

If you use EBuild from the command line or Water, you can easily keep different versions around,

  • just make a copy of the Bin folder, and you can man rally run EBuild from there.
  • if you make a copy of the Bin folder with Water, you can then keep using that version of Water even after installing a new compiler (say with an daily-built installer that doesn’t have Water), and Water will use the new compiler.