Migration problem going from TDACDSDataTable to TDAMemDataTable (part 2)

but that does not solve the Sort issue
changing the master rec kinda resets the Sort fields (which is what is happening in my report i guess)
this is a different behaviour compared to TdaCDS

pls create a simple testcase that reproduces this issue

i’ll mail the demo

i’ve reproduced the issue in the report also
sending the demo


    DAMemDataTable1.Sort(['master','tva','name'], [sdAscending, sdAscending, sdAscending]);



it will solve this issue. by other hand, you can create an index …

that’s what i did in our code, but it breaks moving from cds to mem…
so does this mean that Sort will not persist in detail table when master pointer changes?

when you don’t use IndexName , IndexFieldNames - it sorts only visible rows.
probably it should sort all rows (visible and non-visible) …

Thanks, logged as bugs://85685

bugs://85685 got closed with status fixed.