.NET Visual Plugins are being released too early

(Santiago Burbano) #1

Hi there,

we updated yesterday to Hydra - (beta), as this version contains the fixes we require for the .NET Import.

Today we have had to roll back to the previous version.

We have run into the following problem (quite severe).

In the main form of our Delphi Application we host a WPF VisualPlugin.
When we launch our app everything is working fine.
Next we open a Delphi dialog which hosts another WPF Visual Plugin. So far so good.
When we close the dialog, the Visual Plugin in the main form stops working. Area just greys out.
It seems as if the plugin has been disposed.

Reviewing the Hydra change log, I see the following changes:

  • 81852: Hydra/Delphi should perform call of garbage collector for .NET plugins
  • 81854: Hydra/NET: Resources leak on WPF plugin unload

I suspect one of those changes is causing the problem we are now facing.
It seems to me that the .NET plugins are being released to early.

I hope this is enough information for you to understand/look into the problem.

If not, let me know.


(antonk) #3


Could you show the code used to actually load the plugins (1st one and 2nd one). Or, even better, could you create something really simple as a testcase so we’ll be able to retest the solution to be sure that it actually solves the case?

Could be, yes. Depending on the ModuleManager settings it could be that way to aggressive resource cleanup can happen when there are other WPF plugins still loaded, killing their Dispatcher threads.

Sorry for the inconvenience

(RemObjects) #4

Thanks, logged as bugs://81973

(RemObjects) #5

bugs://81973 got closed with status fixed.

(antonk) #6

Well, we have fixed an issue that could have caused way too aggressive resource cleanup. We can provide you a pre-beta build or you can provide a testcase so we’ll test it once more - which approach is better for you?

(Santiago Burbano) #7


It will be much easier to test if you provide a pre-beta build.
Please do not make it a trial version as I have been unable to run those. They don’t seem to recognize the license files.
Ideally the pre-beta version you upload can work with the same *.lic file that was valid for the last beta version.

Thanks so much!!!

(antonk) #8

You should see the file now in your personal downloads

(Santiago Burbano) #9

Just tested the pre-beta build. The issue is solved :slight_smile:

When can we expect a beta release or even better a non-beta release?


(antonk) #10

Beta - most probably somewhere at the end of this week.
Full release - cannot say this right now.