Never-build package 'unidac250' must be recompiled


(Janusz Szymura) #1

We’r trying to build DataAbstract_UniDACDriver_D25 distributed with version with UniDAC ver. 7.3.9 (with version 7.2.7 everything works fine)

We’re getting error message

[dcc32 Fatal Error] uDAUniDACDriver.pas(28): E2225 Never-build package ‘unidac250’ must be recompiled

It seems that UniDAC interface has changed. We do not have UniDAC source code, we can’t buld this package by ourselfs.

(EvgenyK) #2

you can ignore installing of this package.
just add uDAUniDACDriver to uses section of your server data module.
it will be similar to installing of this package and dropping TDAUniDACDriver component to server data module.