New Remoting SDK Server (CodeFirst) - incomplete template?

(DonaldShimoda) #1

Trying to start a NET (ECHOES) Code First Server but the template is incomplete.


What im doing wrong?

Best regards.

P.S. Either can find a way to add my linux machine to the list of deployement (only see mac).

(marc hoffman) #2

Odd. this doesnt reproduce here. are the files actually missing from the folder? if you look inside, are the files there in ./ Abstract/Templates/Oxygene/Echoes/Projects/Server9.CodeFirst/?

Remote debugging is not supported for Echoes currently, so you’ll only see the option to connect to a CrossBox server for Island projects…

(DonaldShimoda) #3

Not inf the project folder.

Yes, this is on the Application package but note in a diferent folder.


In the project seems to be INSIDE a resx(?)


I hope ou can enable soon debiger on Echoes devices (like RPI). Is a must i think if you are manipulating GPIO not emulable on Mac o Windows developer machine.

Best regards.