New Version for Delphi 10.2

(Tom Scott) #1

Is there any plan for the delphi new version 10.2?

(EvgenyK) #2

beta already supports Delphi 10.2 Tokyo.
We plan to ship our RTM in 2-3 weeks.

(Tom Scott) #3

Got it, thanks

(hsvandrew) #4

I assume this doesn’t mean Linux support?

If no Linux support, will that be supported and if so do you have a rough timeframe?

(marc hoffman) #5

RO/DA 9.2, out as Gamma now and shipping in the next few weeks, will have support for Linux with Delphi 10.2 .

(Russell Weetch) #6

Any guide as to how long before release? Just trying to plan my workload.

(marc hoffman) #7

The current plan is to have the new release i the first half of next week.

(Russell Weetch) #8

Many thanks Marc.

(marc hoffman) #9

9.2 is out now, btw, in case you have not seen it yet.