Newbie Problem - Can't Run MacApp Demo

(Michael Griebling) #1

Tried running a basic MacApp that gets created automatically and get the following error:

/Applications/ /Applications/ “–setting:Elements:ToffeeSDKFolder=/Applications/ SDKs” “–setting:Elements:ReferencePathsXMLFolder=/Applications/ Paths with Data Abstract Trial” --setting:Elements:IslandLddExePath=/Applications/ --setting:Elements:ToffeeHelperExePath=/Applications/ /Users/michaelgriebling/Documents/Course/MacApp/MacApp.sln --logger:fire --configuration:Debug --setting:Device=True --verbosity:normal --xml:/var/folders/z9/1cjh_tms4bg90vmwzr70gtl80000gp/T/ --build --setting:TreatFixableErrorsAsWarnings=True
RemObjects EBuild. An open source build engine for Elements and beyond.
Copyright RemObjects Software 2016-2018. All Rights Reserved. Created by marc hoffman.
Version (develop) built on talax, 20180316-170509. Commit b461efb.

Toffee SDK Folder found in ‘/Applications/ SDKs’.
E: bundle at ‘/Library’ is missing file ‘/Library/Contents/version.plist’.
Project ‘MacApp’ failed to build.
Solution ‘RemObjects.EBuild.BuildSolution’ failed to build.

Not sure what exactly the problem is?

(marc hoffman) #2


it seems that you don’t have the full Xcode installed (or ion you do, it’s not selected as active), but just the Xcode command line tools.

If you don’t have Xcode, please download it from the App Store; if you do, can you open it and go to Preferences and check it’s selected under Locations, as shown here:


(Michael Griebling) #3

We do a lot of development work so I’m positive Xcode is installed in the Application directory.
Ok, the problem was that Xcode didn’t have any CLI tools selected in the Xcode preferences. I only had one set of tools but apparently Fire can’t pick them up until I explicitly set them via the preferences pane. I did that and now all is well.

(marc hoffman) #4

yeah, Fire relies on xcode-select to find the full Xcode bundle. i’ve improved the error message for this schenario, for vNext.