Non-focused Window border being drawn when doing Tools|Options

(mtiede) #1

It looks like this:

When I click on something in the dialog, the entire window appears to be redrawn and the “outline” goes away.

(SH) #2

which Version do you have, do you have the current .2305?

because on my PC, ist correct so far :confused:

(marc hoffman) #3

Hmm, even in latest? this ought to be fixed as of a few weeks ago.

(mtiede) #4

Version is 2305

(SH) #5

I would suggest installing the latest one and see if thats functioning well, when not, something within your System is not quite Right, because even on my Problem PC ist alright …

(mtiede) #6


2307 does not have the problem.


I’ve been developing on this machine for years and never had such a problem. So I doubt the problem was my machine. As Marc said, he thought this problem was fixed which implies there was a problem they were aware of. In any case, all good now with 2307.

(SH) #7

Hmm, yes actually I would 100% agree with you, if I would have this issue too, but it wasnt on my PC, and I had also the .2305, Pretty curious really…

(marc hoffman) #8

Odd, this didn’t change between 2305 and 2307, all changes I made were earlier. Strange…

(SH) #9

Never Forget:

Today is Friday the 13th :ghost:

(mtiede) #10


I think you are on to something there :wink:

(mtiede) #11


Uh oh. I just tried leaving Water and going back in again and trying again and this time it drew the frame again. I’ll try it a few more times to see how often it repeats. I hate tracking down things that aren’t always reproducible. I’ll get back to you with results.

(marc hoffman) #12

K, I’ll have a check tomorrow when i’m back on Windows. Maybe my fix didn’t apply to Preferences, and only to the “Manage *” sheets. Mainly its a matter of the sheet having to focus the appropriate control when it shows…

(mtiede) #13

Oh, I figured it out. The first time I tried it, I used the MOUSE to select the menu items and it worked fine. If I use the hot keys to do it from the keyboard, that is when it didn’t work correctly. Really odd.

… time passes …

yep, reproducible