Non-visual .NET Plugin can't be used by Lazarus host

for a first understanding of using Hydra in combination with Lazarus I created a simple non-visual .NET plugin in Elements. Since there seem to be currently no Hydra project templates available for Lazarus I first created the host in Delphi 10.3 where it can successfully load and use the plugin. I then converted the Delphi project into a Lazarus project but there the host fails to query the plugin’s interface (same result with Lazarus 2.0.4 and 2.0.6). Is there some special configuration needed for a Lazarus host to let it communicate with a .NET plugin?

Attached are the sources of the three projects (Elements plugin, Delphi host, Lazarus host).
Hydra_Lazarus_Failure.7z (60.9 KB)

Thanks, logged as bugs://83580

bugs://83580 got closed with status fixed.

This fix will be available in the next public build

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Thank you very much! I can confirm that the problem has gone with Hydra version

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