NullReference Exception for expression: self.projectFile


I get that message doing the following

  1. Create a console application project
  2. Close Fire
  3. Reopen Fire
  4. Close the console application project
  5. Right click on the Fire icon and open another project
  6. Delete the folder the console application project is in
  7. Close Fire
  8. Right click on the Fire Icon and attempt to open the console app project from (1)

When Fire reopens it opens the last solution and then displays that error.

See screenshot.


is this with 2523?

I can’t reproduce this; for me noticing happens when I select the (deleted) solution from the context menu (odd that its even still there but thats managed by macOS, I’m afraid; it does disappear from the Recents menu ok)…

Yes I only run with the latest :slight_smile:

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