Old version of Remoting SDK


(Twonkd) #1

Is it possible to get a version of BPDX (RODX) that is compatible with delphi 2010 and Remobjects ver 6.0.51

What I basically need is a "RemObjects_RODX_D14.dpk"
D14 = Delphi 2010

Trying to recompile an old server. We have sinced moved on and use an updated Remoting SDK (9.x) but for this project we are trying to recompile something old in the old environment.


(marc hoffman) #2

We stopped supporting BPDX on request from the author who this sub-component was licensed from; i’m afraid we (literally) cannot support the use of these components moving forward. Please migrate to a different set of channels.

(Twonkd) #3

OK thanks!

(DonaldShimoda) #4

I suggest you synapse