Olympia installed as a service fails to start


(Ryan Jantz) #1

When Olympia is installed as a service it fails to start after a reboot on my machine. If I change the start type to Automatic (Delayed Start) then it starts as expected. Is there a dependency that hasn’t started on the regular Automatic start?

(antonk) #2

There should be entries in the Windows Events Log describing what caused the issue

(Ryan Jantz) #3

If you are speaking go the Event Viewer I saw nothing there regarding Olympia even though it didn’t start.
Is there another place I should look?

(antonk) #4

There are entries, buried in the list of Application events. Seems something in the system core doesn’t start in the timely fashion, causing a deadlock. I’ll change the default Olympia startup option to Automatic (Delayed). hanks for the report.

(RemObjects) #5

Thanks, logged as bugs://78536

(RemObjects) #6

bugs://78536 got closed with status fixed.

(Ryan Jantz) #7

Working good at this point. Thanks!