Oxygene Elements / Hydra "Operation could not be completed"

After migrating all my existing projects to a new windows 10 development VM, visual studio 2017, current Elements ( and Hydra (, I come to start a new project and find that I’m having a very basic problem starting a project.

I am using RemObjects Oxygene, but if I go via the RemObjects C# route, that may shed a little light on the issue as it does generate an error. If I follow the standard Visual C# path here, no issues. So, the problem…

I start a new project, picking C# Hydra

At which point I immediately get :


As I’m not a RemObjects C# user this is not an issue for me, other than to maybe highlight the Oxygene issue. Do the same thing with RemObjects Oxygene and the process goes through to create the project. But, after successfully adding a new hydra visual plugin, sizing plugin and clicking the “Save all” icon, I get the following:

At this point, after clicking OK, I cannot exit visual studio without getting the same error - I have to kill the process. I can save the individual changed source files, but a “save all” generates the error, as does trying to exit even after all changes have been individually saved.

It’s also worth saying again that doing the above using “Visual C#” as the starting point does not have any issues.

Where do I go from here ?

I apologize for this. I’m not sure right now if this is an issue on the Hydra side or in Oxygene, it I will make sure someone from both teams will have a look at what’s going on here, first thing in the morning.

Thanks Marc, appreciate it. I’m around all day if you need any input.

I should also add that the same error is generated if you start with an empty project, add a module controller and then add a hydra visual plugin. Again, sizing the plugin and trying “save all” causes the issue.

Thanks, logged as bugs://82224

bugs://82224 got closed with status fixed.

Thanks. I see the bug logging / fixing above, can you elaborate and as it’s Friday, will there be a preview build coming out later today with that fix included ?

Yes that’s the plan.

There’ll be a new Preview build for the Elements side. I believe there were also one fixe don the Hydra side, I’ll check with the team wha the plan/timeline is there.

Thanks Marc. I’m keeping busy with other things for now, but I’ll apply the previews when they surface.

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