Oxygene VCL

I am unable to change Form color or Font Color for a Label or Font Size & maybe not Font name, modifying the VCL Sample at:

Define “unable”?

Original Unit2.dfm from Sample with changes & effect noted *** … ***

object Form2: TForm2
Left = 0
Top = 0
Caption = ‘Test’
ClientHeight = 299
ClientWidth = 635
Color = clBtnFace *** Change to clBlue does not change Form color, but not BtnFace anyway ***
Font.Color = clWindowText *** Change to clRed causes Label, CkBox Label, RadioButton Label to dissapear ***
Font.Height = -11 *** Change to 14 seems to have no effect, see Controls ***
Font.Name = ‘Tahoma’ *** Change to Arial, has no effect on Controls, but maybe Labels which are blank ***
Font.Style = []
OldCreateOrder = False
PixelsPerInch = 96
TextHeight = 13
*** Controls follow & are unchanged ***

Might well be that this is simply not hooked up yet. Remember, VCL, especially VCL/Wasm is still highly experimental and an early preview. I’ll have my colleague check.

OK, thanks. Now trying to see if I can do GUI in HTML5/CSS/(some JS), & WASM via Oxygene for as much as possible, e.g. HTML onmous events, onclick events, etc calling WASM rather than JS, & having JS call WASM functions (er, methods), WASM directly changing HTML elements, e.g. Font Color, etc.

Not as great as a fully functional VCL, but better than HTML5/CSS/JS alone.