Oxygene with WPF MVVM EntityFramework and DevExpress

(Bob Russell) #1

Having spent the last months/year! learning (and finding it tough!) I need to try a real world project.

I have the DevExpress WPF suite which includes a number of very useful functions that simplify the initial creation of the some of the DataSource and EF/MVVM “stuff” used when first creating the project. The problem, of course, is that all these assume a C# project. I’m finding it very difficult to see how to combine this with an Oxygene project. Also, all the examples/tutorials in DevExpress assume a C# project. I love the “Ex-Delphi Pascal” syntax, and wouldn’t really like to abandon this and go to pure C#.

My question therefore is, Is there any body out there who was in a similar situation who could advise me - either in what direction to go, or any resources that might be useful.

Any thoughts welcome

Bob Russell