Pasting nothing to complete

(JohnMoshakis) #1


If I have this piece of code in the editor

namespace ConsoleApplication39;


  Program = class

    class method Main(args: array of String): Int32;
      var blah3 := new NSArray<Integer>;



If I do the following

  1. Put the cursor before the b of blah,
  2. hold the shift button down, click the right arrow to highlight blah3.
  3. Hit the delete key so that its deleted and I start typing some text.
  4. If I type say zzz, the cursor is now after that text. Also the code completion pops up and says “nothing to complete”
  5. If I now hold the shift key again and arrow left so that the word i type is highlighed.
  6. Do a cmd c.
  7. Go to somewhere else in the editor and do cmd v.

Ive now pasted “nothing to complete” into the document". I dont think its meant to do that ?


(marc hoffman) #2

if there’s a popup with an error message open in Fire/Water, cmd-c/ctrl-c will copy the message. this is as designed…

(JohnMoshakis) #3

Ok. I guess I will have to remember to press esc each time.

(marc hoffman) #4

Or don’t open CC before copy/pasting code? What am I missing here?

(JohnMoshakis) #5

It opens automatically by itself. Like in my example, all Im doing is renaming something.

(marc hoffman) #6

Ah, I see. you can turn that off in Preferences.