Performance problem of the VS Plugin

(Srcy Wang) #1

VS Plugin. When I start a new line and type in a character. VS would become no-response for a while and it would revive as soon as the auto-complete list is shown. This reduces the typing speed a lot. Also, VS would prompt that the Element VS plugin affects the performance a lot and suggests me to disable it. Is it possible to make the loading of the auto-completion list async so that it wouldn’t make VS no-response for 10-20 seconds every time I type in.

(marc hoffman) #2

This should not be happening, indeed. Do you see this everywhere, or in one specific file or project?

(Srcy Wang) #3

Creating a Swift Windows Console Project from template would represent that.
(Build .2399)

(viktoriad) #5

did you have that problem with previous builds, or was it newly introduced in .2399? We cannot reproduce the problem here, with .NET swift console app. CC works with normal speed here. Therefore on starting VS there is a message about elements extension speed. It affects loading VS speed, but it doesn’t affect the CC itself.

(Srcy Wang) #6

Also in previous builds. The prompt bumps out after VS revives from no-response.

(viktoriad) #7

What VS version shows the problem?

(Srcy Wang) #8

VS2019, I would offer a video later if possible.