Possibility to use msbuild instead of ebuild


(Gert Hermans) #1

Is there a way to use msbuild instead of ebuild when oxygene 10 is installed.
We are trying to upgrade our rather big projects to oxygene 10, but the amount of issues we have are massive. Many of the issues seem to be related to ebuild.

(Gert Hermans) #2

WinformsProjectNewCompilerLegacyBuild.zip (275.3 KB)
We have tried to set the build Target in the element file to legacy, but this gives issues on startup projects. I’ve attached a sample project on which we’ve set the target to legacy. This gives an error when debugging in visual studio. “Error debugging project: No Executable or App Bundle was specified.”

(marc hoffman) #3

Depend son the project type.

For .NET, you can still change the imported .targets to use RemObjects.Elements.Echoes.Legacy.targets and it will use MSBuild. For all other platforms, no, the MSBuild tool chain for those has been deprecated and is no longer functional.

I’d love to fix them, but for that I’ll need to know what they are :wink:

Ok, we can have a look at that as well, but this seems to be an issue unrelated to EBuild, it it happens when launching/debugging. I assume this is in Visual Studio? If so, I’ll have the VS team have a look.

(RemObjects) #4

Thanks, logged as bugs://81451

(Gert Hermans) #5

This is indeed in visual studio (2015).
If I can reproduce the issue in a dummy project I’ll report it. :slight_smile:
I’ve reported a case last friday.

(RemObjects) #6

bugs://81451 got closed with status fixed.