Possible features for Fire


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I would like to use this thread to discuss some possible new features for fire here.

I would just for organization-issue list again the color-picker to color all kind of code within fire.

When I double-click the “namespace Bla” section, it would be cool when he would color the whole line and the “end.” in grey, like it does for all kind of scopes, like loop-scope, if-scope, function-scope etc… For instance:

namespace Bla  //this line should be colored lightly grey

end.  //this line should be colored lightly grey

Automatic begin/end completion, so when I write “begin” the IDE auto completes the end which corresponds to the proper begin of course :smiley:

Maybe a more strong color and perhaps a circle for the breakpoint?

Honestly, this is totally just my taste, but at least for me, the right-hand-side where the solution is shown, could be a little bit larger and maybe some larger and more expressive file thumbnails

edit nr 6)
I think it would be cool, if there would also be the option that fire stores all its interna (see pic below)
in a seperate folder, because I would like to create this structure, because of a much better optical split: (see pic below)

bin = the binary code ofc, .exe
src = all of your self-written source code and 3-party-libs
ide = everything fire needs to work

When you guys have some-else, pls post it under this thread to avoid spaming the forum for each new feature which pops up in your mind :smiley:

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Fire should IMO change this layout from:

namespace TSomething;

TSometype = bla....

method Main: int32;


to this:

namespace TSomething;

  TSometype = bla....

  method Main: int32;


Automatically,because it clearly says, that everything between namespace and end. is belonging to that namespace, but the one before, it seems like its all seperate from each other. For that case, C# from MS has the brackets, like
namespace TSomebla { here comes ALL the code with main and such... }

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Yeah… no.

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Why not?

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Well, you can indent your own code any way you like, but the way we currently indent it s the default and how we like it and how it makes sense to us.

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ok, and what do you think about some of the features in the first post?

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not any time soon. the colors for the schemes are carefully picked and balanced to work well together, Since — different than other Editors, such as VS — Fire/Water does a lot with transparency and over-drawing (e.g. an active selection is not inverted, the blue is drawn at a low alpha on top of the text, and multiple background colors can combine (eg search term, selection and “current block” scope), not every color combination looks good.

what would be the benefit to that, aside from having a grey line around, literally, the while code file? I can see the argument for C# (and I’ll log a request), but for Oxygene…?

maybe, long term. Auto-Completion of these things, such as ) and }, five see nuts in VS.

what’s wring with blue and with the current shape?

naa. it’s really just two extra files, the .user and the .cache. the project vs the .sln file you can already move around as you please relative to eathother. And the .entitlements is a regular file thats part of your project; that too you can move anywhere you like, already. The .user and .cache files will stay next the the .sln, I don’t see a need to change that.

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Ok, thx for that large response!

I understand your view of things, but to be honest, I really have to stick with the idea of creating own style of code, don’t take this personal at all, in my case, its just my own taste how I write code in terms of visual-layout and I think it should be a developer choice. I often also changed it in VS2015 with C#, when I wasnt so comfortable with it.

Not “wrong” directly, more its not so expressive like a strong-red-circle which leads me to the next point, which is that I often cant really see the BP, especially in larger code base where exactly were the BP.

Ok, got it, and what do you think of the idea making these 2 for the developer invisible ? because its actually not interessting to see what and how die IDE saves and loads something, the programmer has nothing to do with it, doesnt he?

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You can certainly mark them as hidden if you prefer, yourself. Fire won’t do that automatically though, that’d be bad for everyone who wants to know what files are on their disk, confuse people when they see the files show up as a surprise when, way, committing to git, etc.

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Ok thanks for the clarity :slight_smile: