Postgres database - UTF8 not transmitted correctly


I have a Postgres database, using character set UTF8.
When I have e.g. cyrillic data in the table as here:

(see last column “expremark” , last row)

the server sends the following data to a browser Data Abstract client:
(“row” is a row in a DataTable component, data is just read from the server)


As you can see, the data is not transmitted correctly.

The Data Abstract data modeler has created a TDAStringField for the “expremark” field in the schema.

I already tried adding CharacterSet=UTF8 to the connection string. Does not seem to influence the result.

We are using the FireDac driver. If I create a VCL application with a FireDac connection to the same database, it is displayed correctly, with or without the Characterset option.

Are we missing something, or is this a bug in the DA connector ?


can you share connection string and the DDL script for creation of this table, pls?
server, username and password can be replaced with xxx
you can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy.

use @ prefix like @CharacterSet=UTF8 for passing parameter directly to aux driver