Postgresql Field autoinc sequence don't work

(Yrieix Semichon) #1

I try to insert a new row in a table T_LANGUE in the schema Avocat

When I call the ApplyChanges() I have this error:
{“One or more updates failed to apply on the server.\r\n\r\n-1: ERROR: 42P01: relation “Avocat.T_LANGUE_ID_seq” does not exist\r\n”}

How can I solve this pb ?

DataBase PostgreSQL, Data Abstract for .NET -, Visual studio 2015
Table T_LANGUE have two fields:

  • ID : serial
  • Langue : varchar(50)

and a sequence: T_LANGUE_ID_seq

In the modeler I setup the ID field setup with:

  • for Data Type item : AutoInc
  • for Genrator Name item : Avocat.T_LANGUE_ID_seq

(antonk) #2


Thank you for the report. I have reproduced the issue and currently work on fixing it. It is related to generator name containing both name and schema.

sorry for the inconvenience

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://75749

(RemObjects) #4

bugs://75749 got closed with status fixed.

(antonk) #5

I’ve fixed the issue. To obtain the fix you need to either wait for the next Alpha build or to drop a mail to support@ with your user name so we’ll add the preliminary build to your personal downloads folder.

(Yrieix Semichon) #6

I sent you yesterday an EMail to with my user name and I don’t see the preliminary build in my personal downloads area.

Is it normal ?


(antonk) #7


Yes. It takes some time to prepare such build and do a quick sanity checks over it

(DonaldShimoda) #8

Can please post the changes here? Im in the same situation in delphi and need to solve only that fix, don’t plan to migrate right now.

Best regards.

(antonk) #9

The original post was about .NET, so the changes made are not applicable for Delphi. Probably it would be better to start a separate thread for your issue.