Problem with ClientClassFactory in Linux

(Roberto) #1


I’m creating an instance of type clientfactory. In windows it works correctly, but in Linux (Tokyo) the instance is not destroyed … which causes my server to clash, due to lack of memory after a few hours of use

fROClassFactory := TROPerClientClassFactory.Create(‘DataServer’, Create_DataSnapModule, TAppServer_Invoker, 60 * 2);

(marc hoffman) #2

where do you store the fROClassFactory, and is that container class destroyed ok?

(Roberto) #3


  • TdsMain = class(TRODataSnapModule, IAppServer2)

In windows a TdsMain is destroyed in the pre defined time (60 * 2) … in Linux no.

(EvgenyK) #4

TROPerClientClassFactory has no special code for NEXTGEN compiler so it should work the same as for windows platform.
can you create a simple testcase and send it to support@, pls?

(marc hoffman) #5

Ok, so if TdsMain is not destroyed, then it’s sort of expected that the stuff it holds on to does not get destroyed either. Are you using the standard VCL lifetime mechanisms for forms and data modules? If so, this sounds like a general Delphi/Linux issue, not specific to ROSDK…

(Roberto) #6

I’m finishing the testcase to send you…


(RemObjects) #7

Thanks, logged as bugs://78670

(RemObjects) #8

bugs://78670 got closed with status fixed.