Problem with SOAP calls


We’re having a problem calling some APIs in our server via SOAP.
The functions appear to be failing with an EStringListError exception with the message ‘Operation not allowed on sorted list’

The functions are fine when called from our Delphi client via TCP, it’s only when called via SOAP that the error occurs.
They also worked fine prior to upgrading to version 1517 so I’m concerned something has changed or broken here.

Can you shed any light? Thanks.


pls specify what version of ROD you are using. .1517 or .1521
is it possible to create a simple testcase that reproduces this issue?

you can drop it to support@ for keeping privacy

Using .1517

I can try to create a test case. Our Delphi client doesn’t use SOAP and is fine, it’s actually another client that makes SOAP calls and that’s now failing.

I have reproduced the error by using SoapUI to issue SOAP calls to the API but not tried using SOAP from a Delphi client yet.

Ok, I’ve just used the wizard thing to create a basic server and client using SOAP to communicate.

This automatically creates the ‘Sum’ server function so I just added a button on the client form to call it and it immediately throws the same exception.

You can obviously do the same yourself fairly simply but I’m attaching a ZIP of the project files (119.4 KB)


I can’t reproduce issue with .1521.
Can you retest this issue with .1521, pls?

I can do.

Is there a complete list of the changes between 1517 and 1521 somewhere?


you can see it at the download page in your cabinet - Login | Portal | RemObjects Software

Yep it works in 1521

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