Problems debugging Oxygene dll


I create with VS2017 a new C# console application and include a simple Oxygene library. I can use and debug the application and library without any problems.

Now I try to debug the library direct. So I copy the application in my lib-bin-debug folder and set the host property with a path of my application.

Oxygene 2505: Works like expected
Newer Oxygene: I can’t debug, you need a application project…

Can you understand and reproduce my problem?

dll (31,9 KB)



this might be a regression from the new project system; we’ll have a look.

That said, you should be able to debug your Oxygene .dll from the context of the C# (I’m assuming Visual C#, not RemObjects C#) host project, as well, since it’s all .NET, that should work seamlessly regardless of language. i.e. you should be able to step into the Oxygene code from VC#, or set breakpoints in both VC# and Oxygene code, if tie have both projects open in the solution. No need to do the “host app” thing (though of course that should work, too).

Another workaround: can you try if de bugging with the host app set works in Water?

I can debug the Oxygene dll using “Water”, but I have to specify the host with the full path.
I’m aware about the possibility to use the main-app for debugging. But in my real world projects we outsource the dll-development. So we still need the option to use VS-debugging for Oxygene-dll projects.


ok, cool

Opposed to relative to the project? I’ll check & fix.

Understood, of course. This needs to be fixed.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84639

Hello Marc,
Is there a timeframe for a update available?
Thanks, Mario

I’m afraid my colleague Viktoria, who this is assigned to, is on vacation this and last week. the issue is already set to High priority, bit I’ll make sure that she gets to it, next week.

Hello Mario,
Just to clarify that I understood the problem correctly. I am opening Oxygene Library project in VS, this project has “Host” property assigned to MainApp.exe. Then I try to run the project, and running fails with “Project with OutputType ClassLibrary cannot run” error. Is it what you are trying to do here?

That’s how I understand it, yes.

Yes, this is absolutely correct!

bugs://84639 got closed with status fixed.