Problems referencing Oxygene projects

Steps to reproduce the problem:

Use VS 2017 + Elements 2505. Create a new Oxygene Class Lib with NET 4.5.2 and project name “Class Lib” (with whitespace). Create a new MS C# Console Application with NET 4.5.2, add a project-reference to the ClassLib, and compile. All works fine!!

Update to Elements 2513 or newer and try the compilation again. You receive an error of missing manifest.

Can you reproduce and fix it? I think the problem is the whitespace.

Thanks, Mario


can you send me the two projects in question? just the .elements files are fine, no need for the code. thanx!

No problem: (9,0 KB)

Curious. it seems for one that even though building Debug, the C# prophecy looks for the Release version of the Oxygene project. But for another, the final dll has underscores instead of a spaces (which matches the configured <AssemblyName>Class_Library_1</AssemblyName> ), but for some reason it’s looking for the dll with a space.

2>CSC : error CS0006: Metadata file 'C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\RemObjects Software\EBuild\Obj\Class Library 1-B54D458084E679CF7CBD5B94DF7D0D3FA6186B86\Release\Echoes\Class Library 1.dll' could not be found

Not sure what is going on here, as EBuild is reporting there final output of the Elements project correctly:

1>		               Final Output for 'Class Library 1':
1>		                 Class_Library_1.dll (C:\Users\Administrator\Test Projects\TestRem\Class Library 1\Bin\Debug\Class_Library_1.dll)
1>		                 Class_Library_1.dll.mdb (C:\Users\Administrator\Test Projects\TestRem\Class Library 1\Bin\Debug\Class_Library_1.dll.mdb)
1>		                 Class_Library_1.pdb (C:\Users\Administrator\Test Projects\TestRem\Class Library 1\Bin\Debug\Class_Library_1.pdb)
1>		               Final Output for Referencing:
1>		                 Class_Library_1 (C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\RemObjects Software\EBuild\Obj\Class Library 1-B54D458084E679CF7CBD5B94DF7D0D3FA6186B86\Debug\Echoes\Class_Library_1.dll)

I’ll log for deeper investigation.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84361

That’s seems to be the same problem as

That was one part of your issue, and one that I thought fixed because it didn’t repro for me in a later build anymore, and now does again, yeah. The space vs underscore aspect is new, though… very strange.

Fwiw, this is probably fixed (but post-2521), pending some more retesting.

mh marc hoffman chief architect
June 7

Fwiw, this is probably fixed (but post-2521), pending some more retesting.

bugs://84361 got closed with status fixed.

I have tried your build 2521 with my test project. I can’t compile it with same error condition.

This got fixed yesterday, build 2521 shipped Friday ;).

I can send you a new interim build later today, if you want, else, coming’s Friday’s build will have this fix.

Thanks, I will wait on Friday :wink:

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