Procedure entry point error - @Uhyplugindescriptors @initialization$qqrv

Delphi 7 - RemObjects Hydra -

  1. Uninstall Hydra 2
  2. Install Hydra 6
  3. Import the license
  4. Start Delphi 7 --> Everwood BPL error message could not find BPL --> Clicked Yes to load next time.
  5. After a couple of Delphi restarts the BPL was found, Not sure why this happened, can remember if the problem was sorted after importing the license or not?
  6. NO code changes to Delphi project - Built application
  7. Run application
    Error : The procedure entry point @Uhyplugindescriptors@initialization$qqrv could not be location in the dynamic library.

Is there anything that i need to recompile to fix this ?


If you migrated from Hydra2 to Hydra6, you should recompile all your hosts and plugins too.

this error means that your host wasn’t recompiled after migrating and still references to hydra2 bpl …

After trying many re-compiles, I found that there was a rogue bpl in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Hydra_Core_D7.bpl that was from the previous version of Hydra.

Deleted it before installing Hydra 6 and all works now.

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