Project architecture

When I create a linux console app the architecture is set to x86_64. If I want to change it to armv6 everywhere, I thought I could just change the project column in settings and it would change it everywhere else ?

Currently it changes release but leaves debug alone. Is that the correct behavior ?


Well, in your screenshot, you have Debug and project set. so your Project-level value propagates tom Release, but the one ion Debug overrides it. If you want both Debug and Release to inherit the projkect-level value, you need to clear it in the Debug colum (by unchecking x86_64).

Then pay settings work, they are check din this order:

  • Command line
  • .user file/column
  • per Target (not exposed ion the UI, yet)
  • per Configuration
  • Project-level
  • Default

Ah ok. I didnt set it myself. Isnt that the way it is in the template ?

IIRC the templates have x86_64 for Debug and no architecture (ie default/app) for Project-level.

the idea tis that for debug you usually wanna limit to the one arch you ar retesting,l for speed purposes, and Release/Project will build all (but you can tweak it as needed ofc).