Provisioning profiles

(JohnMoshakis) #1


Im having problems deploying to a device.

Im getting

DetailedError: The device does not have the required provisioning profile installed to run this app.

Im looking at ~/Library/MobileDevice/ Provisioning Profiles

And I noticed that the ID shown in the settings is from a file dated 2017

I downloaded the latest using xcode a few days ago and im wondering if I have multiple profiles for the same name and Fire is picking the oldest ?

It also says unexpected value in the profile id dropdown but how would I know which id is the valid one ?

I also checked using xcode and the latest profiles are on my device.


(marc hoffman) #2

I’m surprised that the build doesn’t fail on that. It could be that it falls back using a different profile with the same name (but a different ID) at compile time. Luckily the build log should tell you.

This too is all answered by the build log (might need to set it to Detailed or even Debug, not sure right now what level these messages are at). It should tell you in detail what profile it’s picking and why, and whether it matches your device id and bundle id. (and any mismatch should fail).

You can also always look at your .app to see what profile actually ended up inside it; the provisioning profile is binary but contains a large human-readable XML chunk in the middle, so opening it in a text editor like BBEdit lets you inspect it well, including checking if its the right bundle id, and if your device is listed.

That message in itself is usually a (badly phrased) indication that the app has no profile (unlikely) or that the profile does not contain your device. This is error code 0xe8008015.