Publish WEB site wizard missing


(Nicolò Blunda) #1

In trial version of Elements, if I create new WEB site (VS 2015 shell - Oxygene WEB form), build operation works fine, together with Debug run of site, but if I click on “Publish WEB site”, wizard NOT appears and only building is performed.
It is a trial limitation?

(Konstantin Glushko) #2

What windows version do you use?
Also could you please, make video and send it to us?

Thanks in advance!

(Nicolò Blunda) #3

OS is Windows 10 Home, vers. 10.0.15063
I send you ( a short video that show issue.

Thank you

(Konstantin Glushko) #4


As a workaround you can install Visual Studio 2015 Community (

We will continue working on this bug.

Best regards.

(Nicolò Blunda) #5

Tank you very much.
It works!!!