Question about Aspects

Can I make an aspect that uses an aspect in the generated code?

I have a Method aspect MyMethodAspect, that generates some code.
Then I make a second aspect MyMethodAspect2, that uses MyMethodAspect in the generated code.

Will this work?

Reason for this question: I want to make a version of ObfuscateString that supports the interpolated string syntax.

Good Q. @ck? it might be better to just expand/fix the existing aspect too support these (not sure if we ship the source for that or not)

We don’t currently do that no, but we should log it .

Is this still on the radar?

Thanks, logged as bugs://83388

Thinking about this a bit; can’t you instantiate the 2nd aspect and call the methods yourself? That should probably get you going right away.

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Good point - did not think about that.

bugs://83388 got closed with status nochangereq.

Closed this as "no change required’ for now. As implementing this would be a huge amount of work and it has little advantage over just calling this directly. Let me know if you feel strongly about this though.

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