Question about UI for Windows and MAC

(Guenter Kraemer) #1

I come from Delphi and very familiar with the drag n drop approach to design forms/gui.
How does this work when I select MAC as the target, developing with Visual Studio on the PC?
Is there also drag n drop for controls available? Does some sort of visual designer exist in that case?

(marc hoffman) #2


Elements uses the native UI controls and designers for Mac and iOS, via XIB and Storyboard files. These can be designed with the visual editor in Xcode. Check out and for more details on how to best get started.


(Guenter Kraemer) #3

Thank you, now I understand. It means, there is no way to develop MAC apps on the PC via Visual Studio because it cant have a designer for it, and I have to develop it on the MAC (with Fire IDE).

(marc hoffman) #4

You can develop (i.e. write code) in either Visual Studio or Fire, but to design the UI you’ll want to use the native for designer inside Xcode, yes.

(mtiede) #5


You MIGHT be able to make a Xamarin project that is cross platform. I haven’t done that and it probably isn’t as good as doing native as Marc suggests. I don’t know if Xamarin requires the Mac be present. It might still require that. I haven’t really played with Xamarin, but it is something you MIGHT want to work with.

I recently did a bunch of stuff making apps for Android using the latest Delphi Tokyo version. Kind of a mess there if you ask me. At least compared to working in just .Net/XAML.