Question: Does Oxygene integrate with VS2019 (Preview)?


(Fredy Ferrari) #1

Does Oxygene integrate with VS2019 Preview?
If not, are there any plans for VS2019 integration?

(marc hoffman) #2

VS2019 has been availabe for, what? 2 days?

(Fredy Ferrari) #3

Thanx for your very polite answer.

(marc hoffman) #4


my apologies of this was overly flippant — but seriously, integrating with a new VS version is weeks of works (in case of 2017, months, if not a full year), and we first got out hands on the first preview of VS2019 a couple days ago, like everybody else. There’s really no way we can have support for it, already. :(.

We are of course looking at VS2019 and working on supporting it as quickly as we can, ideally by the time (or before) it officially ships.