Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone device debugging

bugs://82804 got closed with status fixed.

And thats the issue for registering a server from Fire, fixed.

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Thanks, will test when come back to Panama (Im in Honduras right now)

Best regards.

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Testing Island project (Linux) to ubuntu 18.04 cant debug.

Says disconnected but it validates ok and the server is online (im connected via ssh same credentials)

When try to run project get that

That’s ok.expected Fire does not make a live connection to the server itself (like Water does), but the debugger should still be able to connect as needed (which it tries to do, but fails with the error message form your second screenshot:

This looks like you have neither a password nor a key file specified for the server. What does your CrossBox.xml file look like (X out the password before posting, if you have one in there), and do you have an ~/.ssh.id_rsa key file on your client system?

Im using user/password combination, no keyfile. To validate the server you must input user and password. The data was there.

Have no idea where is located. Can please tell me where to look up?

Hmm, the error you showed would only happen if neither password nor keyhole were specified…

~/Library/Application Support/RemObjects Software/Elements/CrossBox.xml

The file name seems to be different

hasPassword=true, thats good. the password itself should be stored in the key chain, can you see if ts there, if you search by the username?

In which path?

in KeyChain.app. eg:

if Donald was your user name.

the hidden field have user@server

odd. and when you check show password, is the password correct?

if so, this should work, I guess is;'ll have to debug this on Monday. by first finding a server that uses passwords l;). as workaround, can you try to use keys? much securer, anyways…

Yes, the password is correct.

Im using a private point to point VPN, for that reason the security is more relaxed. Have no idea how to use keys. If you can give me directions I can try.

Bets regards.

Check out https://docs.elementscompiler.com/Tools/CrossBox/CrossBox2/SettingUp/.

Will try, thanks

BTW the documentation have a little error

ld ~/.ssh must say ls ~/.ssh

bets regards

Now I have ssh connecting without ask for a password. Good.

What im doing wrong?

BTW, I suggest also you add to the tuto this info

to send the private key to the target computer

ssh-copy-id your_username@

ive had this too. not seems that some SSH implementations dont like “-----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----” keys, only “-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----”. It depends omg the system where you generate they key, apparently. Check your key file; I’m not sure if simply changing there string from OPENSSH to RSA suffices, or if its actually a different format…

I’ll fix the types/issues in the tutorial.

Edit the file and changes the word OPENSSH to RSA and now the error message changes

Using a non standard port number, btw, maybe this is the conflict?

And the private key stop working with remote system

Load key "/Users/xxxxx/.ssh/id_rsa": invalid format

Turns out, recent openssh changed the fileformat for this. If you pass -m PEM on the command line (of ssh keygen) it will create a compatible key format.

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