Raw string literal support?


The “Raw string literal” feature in C# 11 is very useful and easy to use.

Any idea when Elements can support this?




C#11 features are on our todo list, but we haven’t started implementing any of them, yet.

Note that the status for this is “Proposed”. C# reference | Microsoft Docs doesn’t list any officially confirmed C#11 features yet.

In fact if you read C# 11 Preview Updates - Raw string literals, UTF-8 and more! - .NET Blog, it is clear that much of this is work in progress; for example they are unsure about the syntax for UTF-8 literals (a separate feature) and asking for feedback…

Yes, understood, as lastest .net SDK says the supported lang version is C# 10.

Yeah. We are up to date with C# 10 as far as i’m aware. I’ve started logging issues for C# 11 features; you can keep track of the status here: C# Evolution

Very cool, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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