Receiving wrong long(int64) value from RO Server

Hi Team,

We have created one RO server project it have simple function GetInt64 which returns long value.
Same function we are invoking from JavaScript function and we are receiving wrong long (int64) value.
For more details kindly find attached project. (20.0 KB) (6.0 MB)


Thanks, logged as bugs://84692

bugs://84692 got closed with status fixed.


However please remember that in Java Script integers are accurate up to 15 digits. This means that for example numbers 637261956000000010 and 637261956000000020 are equal for JS and both are represented as 637261956000000000 (while 637261956000000070 will be rounded to 637261956000000100).
So there will be an inevitable loss of precision when these numbers will be deserialized by Remoting SDK. This is a platform limitation so not much can be done about it.


Hi Team,

Agree with your comments, But when I test above test case with version( it seems failed.
Value returning from RO server function is 637261956000000000 and received from JavaScript response 2608727074816.



Max version for Remoting SDK at this moment is, while you refer to Elements version.

Please note that Remoting SDK and Elements are separate products, so updating Elements does not update Remoting SDK.

Could you double-check which exact version of Remoting SDK are you using?