i’m cleaning up own patched units and one of them is an altered uDaBusinessProcessor
mainly cause we wanted a ReducedDelta behaviour for bin1datastreamer also
now in the patched unit i see a restriction when it comes to the internal flag for reduceddelta:

//lReducedDelta := fCurrentDelta.ReducedDelta;
//fHasReducedDelta := lReducedDelta;

lReducedDelta := (fHasReducedDelta) and
                    (poAutoGenerateInsert in fProcessorOptions) and
                    (poAutoGenerateUpdate in fProcessorOptions) and
                    (poAutoGenerateDelete in fProcessorOptions);
fHasReducedDelta := lReducedDelta;

since this dates back from 2010 i no longer have a clue as for the why
the only thing i can come up with is that this restricts the use of reduceddelta in all cases except the auto created sql’s

so my question is the following: what is the behaviour if i set the reduceddelta flag on Bin2datastreamer using non auto generated update statements… i saw in code that there is a poAutoGenerateRefreshDataset, and i’m not sure what this does…
otherwise put, i guess our change prevents reduceddelta if own update statements are used, but does DA out of the box prevents this also?
cause when i turn on reduceddelta on the bin2streamer, only changed fields are send over in the delta…

so do i need to turn off reduced delta at client side depending on the processing in the server or can DA handle this?

It does for .NET backend. I also did log a corresponding issue for Delphi backend to double-check that check is performed there as well.

ReducedDelta cannot be used with custom update commands because in this case Delta data stream does not contain all the required field values (that’s thy it is “reduced”). So it is not possible to set all update command parameter values.