Reference Paths not working


(alexfelton) #1

Just thought I’d try the latest release of Elements and noticed that the reference paths configured on the properties screen don’t work any more


(marc hoffman) #2


could you elaborate a bit more? what specifically is not working? which platform are you building for?


(alexfelton) #3

Sorry, let me elaborate, I have an oxygene project with a bunch of references that don’t have any path info, by adding the path to the dll’s to the Properties/Reference Paths section of the project, you help VS to locate the dll’s, this project has been like this for ages, but when I install the latest release the referenced dll’s arn’t being found any more.


(marc hoffman) #4


thanx; this does sound like it might be a bug with how VS passes these paths to the build; I will have to ask my colleague from the VS team to have a look at this, tomorrow.

In the mean time, there are three possible workarounds:

My apologies for the inconvenience.


(RemObjects) #5

Thanks, logged as bugs://81610

(marc hoffman) #6

I believe I’ve fixed this; I’m waiting for a new build to retest, and it it’s fixed, I can send you a new build later today.


(alexfelton) #7

Hi marc,
Thanks so much for looking into this so promptly,
If you do have a new build for me to test, I would be happy to test for you
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


(marc hoffman) #8

any time! the new build is zip in your Personal Downloads. I did not have a chance to test it myself, but it should be good, the fix was pretreat straight-forward

the same to you! Bon Pasku!


(alexfelton) #9

Hi Marc
The new build does indeed fix the Reference Paths issue, but seems a problem I reported before, about misbehaviour with read only files is still a problem, during build I get some file access denied errors now


(marc hoffman) #10


glad to hear!

Hmm. I must have missed that; can you point me to the thread for this, or give me more details? what files, specifically, are locked?


(alexfelton) #11

Just create a new Class Library, add an app.config file, in Explorer set the app.config to readonly and compile, you should get a file access denied error


(alexfelton) #12

Also if you add say a txt file to the project and set it to Copy Always and make the txt file Read Only it will compile first time, then give Access Denied errors on subsequent compiles


ps the original thread was here Elements build misbehaving

(marc hoffman) #13

Ah, yes. thanx.

(marc hoffman) #14


(alexfelton) #15

Cool. New Build?

(marc hoffman) #16

I’ll start one for you now.

(RemObjects) #17

bugs://81610 got closed with status fixed.

(alexfelton) #18

Did you manage to get a new build up? If not, no problem, can wait until after the holidays


(marc hoffman) #19

it’s going up now. Creating a full new build with Water and everything takes a good 50 minutes on our CI system…

(alexfelton) #20

Just tried installing the (B) variant in my private files and still have Access Denied errors